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If ever proof was required that the government was right to kick out the ridiculous proposal to extend the copyright law, here it is in abundance. Jane Morgan had hit records and recorded a string of fine albums for the Kapp label in the Fifties and Sixties. You'll search in vain for an 'official' release beyond a desultory 'greatest hits' package by whoever it is owns the Kapp label now. Roberta Sherwood it must be acknowledged, was hardly a commercial proposition even in 1956 when these recordings were made, so the chances of Decca releasing a CD of hers are less than zero. Patti Page it is true has not been ignored like the other two but take away the hit compilations and Mercury have hardly mined her back catalogue over the years.

No, as we all know the majors are not interested in this kind of music and if labels like Sepia did not exist, the collector would be on a starvation diet. As it is, with the Patti Page issue Sepia have now clocked up an astonishing 101 CDs in five short years and provided us with so many gems that would otherwise have been denied to us that I can only marvel at what Richard Tay, the label's owner, has achieved. Not just the music itself, but the standard of presentation, with charming photographs and artwork in mouth watering colours and the invariably excellent remastering that breathes fresh life into these old recordings. Long may they continue to prosper. I don't know what Richard has up his sleeve next, but I am sure whatever it is, we will be surprised and delighted in equal measure."

Gerry Stonestreet writing on Sepia for In Tune International, September, 2007




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